The Filtr-Grip® Gripper FAQs

Anyone who has trouble removing the filter from their forced air furnace can use a Gripper to make this regular maintenance task much easier.

Normally an HVAC filter should be replaced every 30 to 60 days. In some cases they will last 90 days or more when there is minimal dust in your house or apartment.

If the heat and air conditioning in your house comes out of vents as blown air then you have a forced air system and you may be able to use a Filtr-Grip® Gripper to make filter changing easier.

A visual inspection of the filter is the best way to determine whether replacement is necessary. If the filter is dark gray (having been white when new) or its shape is deformed then it should be replaced.

The filter is typically next to the furnace unit. Look where the large silver metal duct structure meets the furnace unit; the filter is generally where the two meet. You can recognize the furnace unit by the black metal pipe (gas line) that connects to it and the flue pipe coming out of it. Newer furnace units use a white plastic flue pipe, older units have a 4 inch silver metal flue pipe that gets hot when the furnace is running.

Locate the switch mounted on the furnace; it looks like a regular light switch and is usually mounted in a silver-colored metal box. A photo of such a switch is provided in the How the Filtr-Grip® Gripper Works section of this web site. Turn the switch to the off position before replacing the HVAC filter then back on after installing a new filter.

HVAC filters are for one time use. Discard the old filter after removal.

You may need to call an HVAC contractor to help with removal.

The Gripper can also be used as a clamp to hold items such as curtains or sets (for photo or view shoots) temporarily. The large jaws make it ideal for this use.

the Filtr-Grip®Gripper in action

The Filtr-Grip® Gripper Specifications

  •   US Utility Patent Number 9,409,290 – Gripper for Manipulating Planar Workpiece in Tight-Fitting Receptacle.

  •   US Utility Patent Number 9,744,673 – Gripper for Manipulating Planar Workpiece in Tight-Fitting Receptacle.

  • Jaws are parallel at one inch separation.

  •   Manufactured from cold-rolled steel for strength and low cost.

  •   Nickel plated to prevent rust.

  •   Insertion depth of each jaw is over 2 inches.

  •   Jaw width of 2.5 inches for maximum gripping power.

  •   Jaw thickness of .055 inches provides stiffness yet easy insertion in tight spaces.

  •   Jaw corners have a radius to prevent sharp points that can cut or tear.

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