Stuck HVAC Filter? – Grab it with the Gripper!


The filter in your furnace or AC unit is stuck. You can’t reach it. We’ve got the solution.
1. Squeeze the handles.
2. Insert the jaws in the slot.
3. Let go.
4. Pull.

It’s that simple.


I purchased the gripper hvac filter removal tool to help me get the air filter out of my furnace and boy am I glad I did. I recommend you buy it ASAP. You won’t regret it.
~ Home Owner

I was skeptical about using this in tight spots on certain return plenums. I was shocked it works great and can pull a filter right out even with blower fan running. I own an HVAC company and this tool makes my job easier.
~ HVAC Company Owner
Makes it super easy to change out filters. Should have bought this years ago.
~ Home Owner
Great tool would highly recommend. Bought one and worked so well decided to purchase a second one for a family member.
~ Home Owner
Easy to operate. And works fine.
~ Home Owner

I should have gotten this years ago. Our filter comes out from the side and it’s hard to grab onto, but not anymore!
~ Home Owner

Why use the Filtr-Grip®Gripper?

The Filtr-Grip®Gripper HVAC Filter Removal Tool grabs and removes an HVAC filter in your furnace or air handler unit, making HVAC maintenance a snap. It’s also a great stage backdrop clamp, ensuring quick photo set background changes without foam board edge damage.

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