The HVAC Filter Removal Problem

There are 100 million forced air HVAC systems in the USA. These recirculate air while heating or cooling it to regulate interior temperature. Every HVAC system has at least one removable HVAC filter that traps dust and particulates. HVAC maintenance includes frequent HVAC filter replacement.

Do you struggle to remove the HVAC filter from its slot?

  • Long fingernails won’t reach the filter

  • Needle-nosed pliers won’t fit in the slot

  • A knife will tear apart the flimsy cardboard filter frame

the Filtr-Grip®Gripper

The Filtr-Grip® Gripper hand tool solves this problem. The tool is made of steel for long life. It’s easy to use and costs less than you’ll spend at the big box store on a few HVAC filters, particularly if you buy HEPA filters.

  • The solution is here. Now.


The HVAC Filter
Removal Solution

How The Filtr-Grip® Gripper Works – Step-by-Step Instructions

You can also view the videos on this site for a better understanding of the HVAC filter removal process.

The HVAC filter in a forced air furnace system is normally inserted in a custom slot in the return air duct. This slot is most often right next to the furnace itself. Sometimes the slot will have a cover on it (meaning that the filter edge may not be visible while the cover is in place), other times there will be no cover. In still other cases the filter will be located in an attic air handling unit, for example when air conditioning has been added to a house that uses a boiler and radiators to heat the house. In the photo at right, the filter slot has a sheet metal cover on it that is directly beneath the number 1 inside the yellow rectangle.

Step 1

Every HVAC furnace or air handling unit has an electrical switch mounted directly on or near it. At right is a photo of the switch in one installation. Turn off this switch to disable the fan before replacing the filter.

Step 2

If your unit has a cover over the filter slot, remove this cover and set it aside. If there is no cover on the filter slot skip this step.

Step 3

The airflow in a forced air HVAC system is in one direction only and the filter must be arranged correctly for this airflow direction. The edge of each filter contains an arrow giving the direction of the airflow as shown at right. Note the orientation of the arrow on the filter you are removing so that the filter you install in its place will have the same orientation. Generally air flows toward the main body of the furnace unit.

Step 4

The Gripper jaws are normally closed when the tool is at rest as shown at right. This is the starting point for using the Gripper.

Step 4

Residential HVAC filters are one inch thick. Therefore in order to fit the Gripper jaws into the slot holding an HVAC filter, the Gripper handles must be depressed until the jaw gap is approximately one inch as shown at right. You’ll want to be ready to remove the filter before squeezing the Gripper handles since the spring is a little stiff.

Step 6

With the Gripper jaws set at a one inch gap insert the jaws into the slot on either side of the HVAC filter as depicted in the drawing at right. The thinness of the jaws should make this an easy operation. Once the jaws are inserted as far as they will go, release the handles so that the Gripper grasps the filter tightly.

Step 7

Now pull the Gripper away from the duct to remove the filter from its slot. If the filter is stuck you may have to rock the filter from side to side to free it before pulling it from the slot.

Step 8

Grasp the filter with the hand that is not holding the Gripper and pull filter and Gripper from the slot. Then depress the Gripper handles to remove the tool from the filter. You can now fully remove the filter from its slot and reinsert a new filter.

Step 9

Reinstallation of a new filter is the opposite of the removal process explained in the earlier steps of this procedure. Don’t forget to turn the switch on the furnace back on after replacing the filter.

Step 10

The Filtr-Grip® Gripper Feature Tour

  • Jaws are oversized for extra gripping power.

  • More than two inches of insertion depth to grab even deformed filters.
  • Jaws are parallel at a one inch gap.
  • A one inch gap accommodates standard HVAC filter thickness.

  • The stiff spring grabs a filter or workpiece and won’t let go!

  • Ergonomic handles with vinyl covers for easy and sure gripping.

Filtr-Grip®Gripper Details

  • Fabricated from polished steel with a nickel coating.

  • The Filtr-Grip® Gripper simply won’t bend, break or rust!

  • Patented design has ergonomic handles and oversized jaws.

  • The stiff spring grabs a filter and won’t let go!

the Filtr-Grip®Gripper

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